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Health Food - Horse Dendropanax

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Health Food - Horse & Dendropanax


It is recorded in "Dongui Bogam", which was written by Jeo Jun, that 'horse meat has been pretty good in treatment of neuralgia, arthritis, anemia and highly efficacious in the relief of tinnitus(ringing in the ears) as well as waist and spine.' In the old medicinal book of "Bangyak Happyeon", which was written by Hwang Do-yeon, it is recorded that 'horse meat helps recover one's physical strength, relieve fatigue and improve stamina and also it has been good to those who have weak function of heart, lung. large intestine, high blood pressure due to its sedative, anti-inflammation action.'

Dendropanax effects from classical sources

1)Boncho Gangmok
Dendropanax makes people feel at ease and suppresses various dysfunctions that may take place in the body, so it was named as 'Benzoin.' In this old medicinal book, it is recorded that Dendropanax helps relieve one's fatigue, boost renal function for men, improve menstrual irregularity for women and also effective in treatment of heart disease, stomachache for children, arthralgia.

Givaudan was made as 'Benzoin,' during the king Sukjong period of Joseon Dynasty and it was belonged to one of three herbal tonics(Onbyeongsambo) such as Wooheangangunghwan, Givaudan, Jaseoldan Dendropanax has a marvelous efficacy, so it was called as a precious medicine for the alleviating fever, removing toxin and relieving heaviness on one's heart, children's convulsion, stroke and heat stroke.

3)Euibangyoochui(Medicinal book during the king Sejong period of Joseon Dynasty)
It is recorded that Dendropanax has been efficacious in promotion of blood circulation for women, so Geumchilhwan was prescribed by adding Dendro-panax when women feel pain below the knees during her menstrual cycle.

4)Chinese 25-Sawa Yeongpasaji, Chaekbuwongu
A great emperor of China named Shih Huang Ti called Dendropanax as an elixir plant and also it is said that the extract of Dendropanax was the bestproduct of trade between Korean and China in the period of Unified Shilla initiated by the marine King, Jang Bo-go.

5)Dongui Bogam
In this medicinal book, it was recorded that Dendropanax has been effective in relieving sudden pain and symptom.


Product of Origin Korea, jeju
Category Health Food
Ingredients hores/ dendropanax
Size 100ml
How to store Room temperature
Expiary Date 2year
ea/1box 30 P
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Health Food